lmoast Lv.19
[Asian type]

Nature: Quirky
Ability: Absentminded
Characteristic: Loves to eat

1. Charge! (rushes blindly at the foe, inflicts recoil damage. impressive, but not very accurate)
2. Scientific jargon (confuses the foe with science! 50/50 chance of inflicting confusion on itself too)
3. Gift art (increases an ally pokemon’s special defense by two stages)
4. CHEEZBURGER (consumes 1 cheeseburger to regain ½ health)

This easygoing Pokemon spends its days eating, sleeping, studying, and trying to be useful.

Due to its poor eyesight, it has a tendency to collide with and topple indoor furnishings.
A normally shy Pokemon, but is easily won over if offered generous amounts of food.