Hello! I'm lmoast, and welcome to Olivine Port, my Pokemon collection site!
My main collection is Chingling and Chimecho. Aside from the chimes, I also collect the members of my Pokemon teams, some of whom you'll spot in the banner above. You can find my smaller side collections of Skymin, Reshiram, and Zekrom here as well.

Merchandise that don't fit into those four categories can be found in the Misc. section.
This includes fun things like my favorite plushes, practical merchandise (bags, keychains, notebooks, etc), random kids, and other things that I happen to have on hand.

Hope you enjoy my little collection site!


2/20/11: Construction of Olivine Port, the website, begins!
3/20/11: Chingling and Chimecho page is completed.
3/21/11: Skymin, Reshiram and Zekrom pages complete.
3/23/11: Added Misc. and About me.

Credits for Pokemon sprites go to The Spriter's Resource, the GTS+, and Bulbapedia.