These items don't fit into any category, so they deserve their own little section. Here, you will find practical merchandise and other random things.

walky totodile keychain

Totodile is my favorite starter ever! This one I call Gatorade. =) He is from the walky pokemon series. These are adorable little keychain plush that are posed like they're walking and come with metal emoticon charms like the ones you see in HG/SS. Gatorade hangs on my bag and goes to school with me. ^_^

The rest of the starters also got their own keychains. Everyone needs one of these in their life.

mew coin purse

Mew is my fashionable shopping and traveling companion. <3 This little coin purse is super cute and quite useful. You can put things in Mew's head.

Someone always recognizes Mew when I go out on the streets with him strung around my shoulder, it never fails.

hasbro duskull keychain

Duskull faithfully guards my keys. He is from the hasbro keychain series, very sturdy and cute. He came inside one of those awesome pokeballs that actually snap open when you hit the button, like the burger king ones.