Chingling and Chimecho

My main focus is Chingling and Chimecho! I started collecting Chingling casually in the summer of 2009 with the tomy figure. After I joined pkmncollectors, I decided to be the "best Chingling collector ever (sort of)" and started hardcore collecting him. There isn't much in the way of official merchandise for Chingling, but it's always a surprise when something new pops up! I love cheerful things and simple designs and jingle bells, so Chingling is the perfect Pokemon for me.

Eventually, my collection expanded to include Chingling's evolution, Chimecho, as well. It was inevitable. ^^;


Currently, I am not actively seeking out any items, just picking up anything that I happen to come across. However, I am still looking for the following, so if you have them for sale or if you've seen them before...existing...please let me know!
  • Chingling throw ball plush
  • Chingling clear and shiny kids
  • Chimecho clear and shiny kids
  • Chimecho attack kid (if it exists)
  • Chingling/Chimecho pan stickers

Tomy figure

My very first Chingling ever, he was a gift from my friend reilaa on livejournal. He comes from Nintendo World in New York.

This amazing! It's so perfectly round, satisfyingly solid, amazingly glossy, and a most brilliant shade of yellow. Even after two years on display, he still looks brand-new!


Jakks figure

Yet another gift from the amazing reilaa, this one is the American Jakks figure! For the longest time I could only find bootlegs of this figure on ebay, no Target seemed to carry him, and my wants posts went unanswered...until reilaa surprised me on my birthday!

He is easily the largest of all my Chingling, and kind of derpy, but I love him.

regular and attack kids

They are super adorable! The regular kid has a neat design, while the attack kid looks absolutely mischievous with that wink.


bandai chou getto

This figure evokes the image of  a Chingling hopping joyously across a field of grass, like a bunny. Must be nice to be so happy all the time.


So tiny! And yet, he has all the shininess of the tomy. Keshipoke figures come inside rubber pokeballs, and this one looks exactly as if he is leaping out of his!

metal collection figure

These figures are so detailed and serious looking, even for a goofy Pokemon like Chingling...very cool!

Hm, I'd like a giant one, as a statue, that would be kind of awesome.


Chimecho is so tiny that I keep losing him. He's like a centimeter tall. Chingling is bigger, and is better at staying in one place. The detail on these tiny figures is remarkable, however.

This zukan came with Spiritomb, but...that's not important.

paper craft chingling

I love the huge tassels on this Chingling, it makes him look more whimsical. The colors on this standee are very bold, really pleasing to look at.

jakks beanie plush

Kind of derpy like his more solid cousin above, but equally lovable! This cheerful fellow is very soft, and really fun to play catch with or swing around by the tassels, when he's not on display. 8D

custom bead sprite

An excellent Chingling bead sprite made by bladespark on livejournal! The colors she uses are always so accurate, it's impressive. Makes a wonderful decoration and adds a nice gamey touch to my collection.

jakks chimecho

On to the wind chimes! Here is a particularly exuberant Chimecho to start us off. Looks like he's using Uproar! You can spin the tassel around to pose him in different ways, but he needs the stand to stay upright at all.

chimecho kid and sticker

Instead of stand, this Chimecho is leading against a boulder. I guess that is the only way this could work. But it makes sense, Chimecho do come from Mt. Pyre after all, so you'd totally find them lounging on boulders and stuff, being cool.


chimecho pokedex figure

Yet another Chimecho on a rock. Must be the fashion with Chimechos these days. A neat little figure that comes with a cardboard insert with pokedex data in Japanese, very educational.

chimecho european candy figure

A Chimecho that stands on its own! This one is rather strong, he's using his tassel to keep himself upright. Looks like he's in better shape than the other two!

chimecho puzzle piece

So cute! Chimecho looks absolutley stoked about getting to hold the balloons!

chimecho vs shuppet card

Technically, this is Shuppet's card but Chimecho looks so depressed in this picture I just had to own it. Awww, I just want to give him a hug.

chimecho vs whismur card

Chimecho's kicking ass this time, except the logic of this card baffles me. How is Shadow Ball effective against a normal type like Whismur? Oh well, I love the determined expression on Chimecho's face!


A collage of Chingling and Chimecho trading cards, some stickers, including the Chingling regular kid's sticker, and the flippy thing in the middle is holographic and can switch between displaying Chingling and Chimecho.

There aren't that many Chingling cards, unfortunately. I've found three so far. The one in middle of the bottom row is my favorite!



Here are more Chingling and Chimecho flats, a puzzle piece, cardboard pieces, a flip book, and all sorts of stickers kindly sold to me by lordqua on livejournal.

chingling settei

This is a beautiful piece. If you ever wanted to know the precise anatomy of a Chingling, this settei will come in useful!