Behold the spectacular 492nd Skymin Division! Specializing in aerial combat and reconnaissance they are a special elite task force made up entirely of only the highest caliber of Skymin...although usually their missions consist of rescuing lost Pokemon or procuring "supply chains" (i.e. raiding the refrigerator downstairs...hey, that's a complicated feat for a group of small toys to carry out).

That being said, I have no idea how it is that I ended up with this small army of Shaymin's bolder incarnation. Perhaps it was a combination of those vibrant colors, the spiky hair, courageous stance, and that look of resolve on those faces that compelled me to pick up these guys.


Tomy FIGURes

These figures are gorgeous, and very dainty. The MP+ is in such a lovely, dynamic pose.

These two brothers have performed amazing aerial acrobatical feats. When not getting into dogfights or flying secret missions, they put on airshows for the other Pokemon.

tomy keychain figure

I love the square face and powerful stance of this Skymin figure! He's also a head taller than other tomys, and made of a thicker material.

This is Stanislaus Katczinsky (Kat for short) and he is a genius at finding food in the most unlikely places. Kudos if you get the reference.

kids figures

The one on the right is so chubby but he claims it's all muscle at least. The one in the middle is named Shorty and I'm not sure is a kids figure at all ...but he's here anyway since he likes to hang out with the other two.

The left (attack) kid is my favorite because of his dynamic pose and particularly determined expression. Maybe he's diving for a particularly delicious pie?

Bandai water squirter

Another stocky figure, this one is able to shoot either water or impressive puffs of air out of his master ball.

This is Lee, he specializes in long-range missile shooting action, not that you couldn't have guessed.

buildable movie skymin

This came from in several pieces that you had to snap together. They stay firmly in place for the most part, although sometimes the joints fall off.

Actually not a real Skymin at all, but a special robot designed to carry out super secret missions involving (again) the refrigerator. I can't say any more than that.


The Skymin pokedoll is amazing! Just look at that grumpy face!

jakks plush

This is Washington, the supreme commander of my Skymin army...or at least he would like you to think so. He's a stubborn guy who is always coming up with outrageous missions for everyone. He has a good sense of justice and a voracious appetite.

He was also a lucky find at my local Target, which never carries any Pokemon.

dx banpresto ufo plush

The DX banpresto Skymin is gloriously huge. I love everything about this plush, the robust build, the snarky face... This guy is so big that it's hard to get a good picture of him, or get him to stand upright, for that matter. He's balanced precariously on the top of my shelf, keeping lookout.

His name is Jefferson. He's usually the one to swoop in and rescue everyone else when Washington gets them into a mess.